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Online Auction 101

Max Bidding:  The bidder with the highest bid at the closing time of our auction is the winning bidder. However, the website manages bids similar to eBay. Each item has a minimum start bid with a designated raise amount. When you place your bid, you are telling the website your max bid amount that you are willing to go and the website will automatically place your bid at the next raise step until you’ve reached your limit.  For example: the item is currently at $65 with a $10 raise, you can put in $110 as your max bid amount, the website will place your bid at $75 since you are currently the highest bidder. If someone else came in at $85, the website will automatically bump you into the $95 slot and so forth until your max bid has been outbid. You will be notified via email or text (if you checked that option in your account settings) that you’ve been outbid at your max bid amount of $110.

Time with Teacher: We ask that you only bid on your child’s’ classroom teacher. Most of the Time with Teacher offerings are biddable but may have multiple bid slots. It is possible for one person to win multiple bid slots for one teacher when attempting to win one. When a bidder wins multiple bid slots but only desires one, they must pay for all slots won through our checkout. It is the winner’s responsibility to handle the additional slot(s); the school is not responsible to resell unwanted slots.

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